Fulfill your Potential this summer

Our Summer program focuses on creating thriving learning environments for our students to help each girl excel in their academic abilities. 

This approach allows us to create fun, interactive, and engaging strategies which include: STEM curriculum, academic enrichment, hands-on activities, and service-learning initiatives to maximize the academic development and personal growth of young girls with unlimited potential.


2019 Summer Reading Challenge

122 girls from 50 schools participated in the 2019 Summer Reading Challenge at Just for Girls.

Read Total of 2,955 Books!

Engaging young readers to further their reading comprehension.

Achieved Reading Goal

118 girls achieved their goal of reading 6 or more books!

Summer can make a difference

In the summer of 2019, Title I students suffered an average reading loss of 7.5 points. However, girls participating in JFG’s 21st Century Community Learning Center programs gained an average of 17.5 points in reading proficiency over the summer months. JFG’s 21st CCLC program is free to all academically or economically qualified girls in Manatee County. 



Sarasota Manatee Association for Riding Therapy (SMART) with JFG students

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