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Every Tuesday

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9:00am | 6:15pm

5/3 Financial Literacy

Protect Your Identity

April, Wednesday 14th


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Program Introductions & Overview

21st CCLC is a free academic enrichment program providing homework assistance and hands-on learning experiences for JFG Elementary students.

Get a helping hand with your daughter’s academics with virtual or in person options!

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Get to Know 21st CCLC

Every Tuesday

@9:00am | @6:15

Repeats Weekly

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Spring Program Updates & Overview

January, Wednesday 27th @6:15

Book Discussions – *Free Books!

Book Circle Discussions are designed to enrich the enjoyment and understanding of the book and the lessons contained within, but more importantly, we one find value to help one do their most important job – being a parent. The discussion questions are designed to spark conversations that share thoughts, experiences and ideas, in hopes one will strengthen ties with their children, friends, neighbors and in the community.

Books are provided FREE for every participant.

To schedule a time to pick up your free book from Just For Girls East Bradenton:

Call – 941-777-0707 or Email – cpalmer@myjfg.org 

Book Discussion

The Presence of Mind and Heart

November, Wednesday 18th @6:15pm

The Presence of Resources and Connectedness

December, Wednesday 2nd @6:15pm

The Presence of Values

January, Wednesday 13th @6:15pm

The Presence of Faith and Courage

February, Wednesday 17th @6:15pm

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Presentations by 5/3rd Bank will serve as information sharing and skill attainment for developing the financial footing of the family, which in turn can lead to more family stability and parent involvement.


Financial Literacy

Budget and Savings

February, Wednesday 3rd @6:15pm

You and Your Tax Return

March, Wednesday 3rd @6:15pm

Protect Your Identity

April, Wednesday 14th @6:15pm

Parenting Matters

December, Wednesday 16th


Guest Presenter TBA

Mental Health Matters

March, Wednesday 17th


Guest Presenter TBA