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1011 21st Street East
Bradenton, FL 34208
TEL: 941.747.5757
FAX: 941.251.4913

2017 Corporate Board 

Timothy Polk, President
Dwayne Denison, Vice President
Candace Swenson, Treasurer
E.J. Semmerling, Assistant Treasurer
Johanna Eccles, Secretary
Becky Canesse, Chief Executive Officer
Peggy DeSear
Kristin Gause
Sandra Holley
Melanie Knowles
Keith Pratt
K.J. Vorndran
Marlene Woodson-Howard

Past Presidents -

1968Kathyrn Hall1984Shirley J. Foor2000Douglas Peebles
1969Kathryn Hall1985Shirley J. Foor2001Douglas Peebles
1970Jane B. Pratt1986Patricia Benson2002Charles F. Elzer III
1971Jane B. Pratt1987Jane Kitching2003Charles F. Elzer III
1972Rev. Wheatley1988Mary Beth Bustle2004Wayne Scroggins
1973Sarah H. Tomberlin1989Mary Beth Bustle2005Cindy Denison
1974William B. Lee1990John Quinlan2006Paulette Gaar
1975Lois M. Taylor1991George LaChapelle2007Betty Trigueiro
1976Robert J. Boylston1992Patricia Petruff2008Betty Trigueiro
1977Sara Nell Baden1993Barbara Ann Held2009Dale Smoot
1978Julie McClure1994Angela A. Claxon2010Dale Smoot
1979Phyllis Weitzenfeld1995William M. Blalock2011Shirley Foor
1980Phyllis Weitzenfeld1996William M. Blalock2012Shirley Foor
1981Margaret Barnes1997John D. Hawkins2013Patricia Petruff
1982Maureen Magnon1998Judy LaMee2014Patricia Petruff
1982Maureen Magnon1999Judy LaMee2015Leah Stuart
2016Christine Hawes

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